MA International Business Management

MA International Business Management

The aim of this programme is to develop highly skilled professionals with strong leadership capacity with the business management skills to lead existing businesses and organisations and/or start new entrepreneurial ventures.

The programme consists of the following modules/courses:

  • Leadership and Management: Theory and Practice
  • Technology and Change in a Global Context
  • Societal Contexts, Cultures, Business Sustainability and Greening Markets
  • Strategic Financial Management and Business Model Development
  • International Business Environment: Marketing
  • Research Methods
  • Graduate Thesis

Those who graduate with an MA International Business Management are expected to be able to:

  • establish, manage and develop new and existing business organisations, of any size and in any context – local, national or international;
  • apply the leadership and management capacity (knowledge, skills and attributes) to positions with significant levels of responsibility in a wide range of business, public sector or not-for-profit contexts;
  • undertake applied research projects to identify and effectively pursue new business opportunities and to solve problems in existing business and other organisations;
  • provide consultancy and training in business management
  • make a positive contribution in wider society through creating organisational and societal transformation and change.

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